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Makeblock Ball Launcher Package DIY Smart Robot


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Makeblock Ball Launcher Package DIY Smart Robot

Recently, a Makeblock user posted an assembly instruction of a DIY ball launcher on Instructables. We're happy to see that it is really popular. Here's the link:

After communicating with her, we reached a consensus that we would reorganize the part list for better user experience.
Now the package is ready for sale on our site.


This is a DIY ball launcher built with Makeblock parts. It uses two CNC motors to drive the friction wheels, the linear speed of which can reach 120km/h theoretically. The whole framework is built with aluminum alloy parts that are strong enough to withstand high-speed balls.
In the Instructables case, you can see that it is assembled as a tennis ball launcher. Actually, this is a versatile machine which provides infinite possibilities:

Simply adjust the gap between the two friction wheels to transform it into another kind of ball launcher;
Use the other types of wheels and motors to get higher speed or torque.


Adjustably Over-spin and back-spin;
Adjustable speed;
Adjustable gap to fit different balls;
Automatic ball feeder NOT included;
Batteries NOT included;


Theoretically speed: 0 ~ 120km/h;
Ball diameter: 10 ~ 80mm;
Voltage: 9 ~ 30V;
Current: 0 ~ 5A (each motor driver);
Recommended batteries: RC batteries, 12V, 2600mAh or more;


DO NOT touch the wheels, motors, timing belts, timing pulleys, or any other moving parts while the machine is running.
DO NOT launch hard or sharp objects.
Check the connection every time you're about to use it. Any faulty connection may cause permanent damage to the circuit boards, motors, and batteries.
Start the machine with low speed and make sure the wheels spin in proper direction. Otherwise the ball may be launched backward.
The motors and motor drivers generating heat, DO NOT keep the machine working for a long time, especially when the battery voltage is over 12V.
DO NOT touch the motors, motor cases, motor drivers, or any parts near the motors before they've already cooled down
The machine may vibrate severely. Make sure that all the screws and nuts are properly tightened.

How to assemble it and transform it?

Please refer to:
Download pdf:

Package inlcuded:


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Makeblock Ball Launcher Package DIY Smart Robot

Makeblock Ball Launcher Package DIY Smart Robot