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10mm Non-Magnetic Titanium Edge Finder High Speed Steel Test Tool


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Description :

10mm Shank Non-Magnetic Titanium Edge Finder High Speed Steel Test Tool For Milling And Lathe

Functions : 

Edge finder is also called Center locator, it is widely used in the CNC numerical control processing, and it's used to accurately determine the center of the processed workpiece a test tool.

This product is a high precision measuring tools, it can quickly and easily Set mechanical spindle and processing benchmark precise center location.

High precision and reproducibility are enouth well for drilling, milling, boring and grinding smelting equipment and so on the precise positioning of work. 

Working principle

First, select a side on the X axis as the Zero side, then choose the other side to get an obtained numeric, take the half of the numeric as the middle point of the X axis.
Second, press the same method to find the original point and middle point of the Y axis.
Finally, such artifacts in the XY plane of the machining center have been identified. 

Features : 

1. For traditional milling machine, and comprehensive processing machinery
2. Cooperate with the use of 400-600 RPM.
3. Mechanical momentum measurement, no clamping error, the repetition measurement accuracy can reach 0.005 mm.
4. Special design of 4 mm probe, provides a small pore size and narrow groove measurement.
5. The bottom rotary part adopts antimagnetic design. 
6. Not necessary to rotate while measuring, quickly locate work edges, machine or jig bore center. 

Specification :

Shank diameter : 10mm
Probe diameter : 4mm
Total length : 90mm
Middle length : 17mm
Precision : 0.005mm
Material : Titanium coating wear-resisting non-magnetic edge finder tool (=center location ), made of high speed steel in silver tone and gold tone color 

Package Includes :

1 x 10MM Non-Magnetic Titanium Edge Finder(No need to use battery :)

Details pictures :


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10mm Non-Magnetic Titanium Edge Finder High Speed Steel Test Tool

10mm Non-Magnetic Titanium Edge Finder High Speed Steel Test Tool