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Mountainbike Zadel


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  • Ergonomisch ontwerp van weerbestendig kunstleer cover.

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  • Material: Artificial leather, elastic sponge
  • Size: About 270 x 150 x 50mm(Measurement error is inevitable)
  • Weight: 280g
  • Color: Black


Enjoy your trip with the comfortable as well as durable mountain/Road bike saddle! The special design makes this bicycle saddle cool !
Designed based on the ergonomic, The bike saddle is made of weatherproof artificial leather cover, elastic sponge pad and high-strength metal rack. The unique design of middle cavity is nice for ventilation and heat dissipation, helping relieve the pressure and discomfort in long journey. It is nice and fashionable in looking, durable and comfortable in use. Great replacement for your loving bike.
Like cycling both comfort friends can consider buying one.

Package Contains:

1x Bicycle Saddle


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Mountainbike Zadel

Mountainbike Zadel

  • Ergonomisch ontwerp van weerbestendig kunstleer cover.