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Clear Enclosure Beschermhuls voor PCduino Arduino


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  • Sterke huls voor uw pcDuino en Arduinobord.

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  • This Clear Enclosure is a more powerful box for your pcDuino and Arduino board. It's not just suitable for all kinds of Arduino and also can be use for pcDuino. For this case we prepare another two precut end pieces which can be fit for all the port on pcDuino beside the regular pair for Arduino. You Just need to align the hole to the different internal mounting hole according to your board.
  • It also can be adapt for couple of Arduino boards in the same time. The enclosure can use with the extension side plate to make more internal space for the additional Arduino boards. Great use for your pcDuino and project!

Size:13x 9x 3.5cm(close)

Assembly Steps for pcDuino

Step 1: Mount the four seperate gasket on the socket in order to twist the screws easily

Step 2: Install pcDuino with two percut end pieces

Step 3: Fasten pcDuino on the bottom with screws

Step 4: Cover and insert the screws

Assembly Steps for Arduino

Step 1: For the bottom, snap in the pieces to cover the two holes
Step 2: Place the Arduino so it line up with the mouning holes
Step 3: Insert the screws to fix the Arduino board on the bottom
Step 4: Connect your shield and LCDs as you need

Step 5: Grab the box end piece. It’s made of ABS which means it’s very easy to drill and machine according to your jacks
Step 6: The other side gets the pracut case that cover the Arduino power and programing slot

Step 7: Fasten the cover and the bottom by screws at least

Package included:

1 x Clear enclosure cover for pcDuino Arduino
Screws and parts for installation

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Clear Enclosure Beschermhuls voor PCduino Arduino

Clear Enclosure Beschermhuls voor PCduino Arduino

  • Sterke huls voor uw pcDuino en Arduinobord.