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60PCS houten Tumbling Stacking Jenga Tower kinder Block speelgoed


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Item Name:Classic Game 60 pcs Block Wooden Tower Toy
Type: Blocks
Wood Block Type:Figure Blocks
60 piece wooden toys and 4 glasses

Play: can relieve stress, emotional regulation, and keep an open mind, open intelligence, play is to construct and balancing skills. Psychologists believe that the adult toy, also have the game psychology. Total hope in another game world to find balance, because to the adult, in the busy life, play time toys can make people forget the pressure, thus becoming the best extracting tool, the grey-haired old person, the toy can be lonely, don't look down upon it, to play a set down really let a person think time.

Activities objective:
1 cultivate players balance, coordination ability
The 2 player's endurance training and attention
3 exercise player space imagination and capacity building
Activity process:
1 sliding blocks
Suitable for one or more games, the player can use many rectangular wood to build a variety of things, such as house, bridge, etc..
2 Domino
Suitable for one or more games
Players can design their own level, increase the interest of the game. The building blocks of the collocation, placed, arranged, combined and false and the gateway is connected to form a stable arrangement of Domino.
3 layer
For two or more games.
All wood quickly one three block is a layer to be placed in a wooden tower. On two layers to 90 degree angle to build one can at last completed layer below the randomly picked a piece, placed at the top of the tower, but can only be performed with one hand, several players in clockwise order game, each pulling a at the top with three soon after, to building a layer of induced tower collapsed so far as losers.

Pakcage Included:
60 x wooden blocks
4 x glasses


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60PCS houten Tumbling Stacking Jenga Tower kinder Block speelgoed

60PCS houten Tumbling Stacking Jenga Tower kinder Block speelgoed