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DC-DC Converter Step-up Module 10V-60V tot 12V-80V


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  • Kortsluiting bescherming: zekering.
  • Grootte: 85x63x64mm.

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Product materials, the use of custom radiator, specifications: Radiator floor thickness 5mm, tooth height 21mm, length 85mm, width 63mm, boost board fixed over the heat sink, rationalized design, radiator and boost panels integrated design, easy used directly, with the use of long screws can be fixed directly.
Using 27mm Kool inductor toroid ring, 1mm double wire wound inductors, high-quality filter capacitor, enter a 1000uF63V electrolytic capacitor, the output two 470uF100V electrolytic capacitors, boost output power and better quality, on-board power supply switch, power work lights, with voltage regulation and current adjustment potentiometer so that the output is more convenient, you can always adjust the output voltage, the current size of the input and output terminals using 8500 through current capability to ensure long and reliable operation.


  • Input voltage: 10V-60V
  • Input Current: Maximum input current 15A
  • Output voltage: 12V-80V continuously adjustable
  • Output Current: Maximum output current 10A (adjustable)
  • Output power: effective power P = input voltage V * 10A
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (input voltage and current; output voltage and current affect the conversion efficiency)
  • Short circuit protection: fuse
  • Size:85x63x64mm
  • Weight:200g


  1. DIY an output adjustable vehicle power supply, you only need access to 12V power input, the output voltage can be (14V-80V) continuously adjustable freely, but the output voltage can not be lower than the input voltage.
  2. universal car laptop power supply. 12V power input connected to the output of the voltage regulator into a notebook need to work.
  3. Boost charger, you can use 12V power supply higher than 12V battery charging, for example, 24V battery, and the charging current can be adjusted.
  4. electronic equipment power supply, as long as the voltage regulator to the desired voltage and current does not exceed the rated current can all be working properly.
  5. before the system-level power supply, when doing a project, the input is 10V-18V, 24V or so the system board requires power supply and the power is large, ordinary DC-DC module power is too small, then the module will be your best choice, without debugging directly on the machine can work, easy to do high-efficiency power boost.

Package included:

1 x DC-DC 600W 10-60V to 12-80V Boost Converter Step-up Module

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DC-DC Converter Step-up Module 10V-60V tot 12V-80V

DC-DC Converter Step-up Module 10V-60V tot 12V-80V

  • Kortsluiting bescherming: zekering.
  • Grootte: 85x63x64mm.