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Mini DSO201 DS201 ARM Nano Pocket Portable Digital Oscilloscope


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Mini DSO201 DS201 ARM Nano Pocket Portable Digital Oscilloscope

DS0201 is a pocket size digital storage  oscilloscope fulfills basic electronic engineering requirements.
It is based on ARMCortex-M3 compatible 32 bit platform, equipped with 320 x 240 color display, SD card capability, USB connection, and  chargeable batteries. Weighs only 60g!
Portable Digital Oscilloscope  DIY Kit provides waveform viewing, pocket size and over 2 hours battery operation. Meets the basic demands of school lab, electric furniture repairman and electric engineering.

Features :

Super portable and lightweight.
2.8 inch color 320 x 240 display.
Basic 1Msps sample rate with 12bit resolution.
Various measurement markers.
Various trigger mode.
Build-in test signal.
USB chargeable battery.
Open source.
700Mah 3.7V chargeable lithium battery, over 2.5 hours battery lasting.


Model  DSO201
Display 2.8″ Color TFT LCD
Display Resolution 320x240
Display Color 65K
Max sample rate 1Msps 12Bits
Sample memory depth 4096 Point 
Horizontal sensitivity 1uS/Div~10S/Div (1-2-5 Step)
Horizontal position  adjustable with indicator
Vertical sensitivity  10mV/Div~10V/Div (with ×1 probe)
  0.5V/Div~10V/Div (with ×10 probe)
Vertical position  adjustable with indicator
Input impedance >500KΩ
Max input voltage  80Vpp (by ×1 probe)
Coupling DC
Trig modes Auto,Norma,Single,None and Scan
Functionalities : Automatic measurement: frequency,cycle,duty,Vpp,Vram,Vavg and DC voltage
  Precise vertical measurement with markers
  Precise horizontal measurement with markers
  Rising/falling edge trigger
  Trig level adjustable with indicator
  Trig sensitivity adjustable with indicator
  Hold/run feature
Test signal Built-in 10Hz~1MHz (1-2-5 Step)
Waveform storage Micro SD card
PC connection via USB as Micro SD card reader
Upgrade  by bootloader via USB
Power supply 3.7V Chargeable Lithium battery / USB
Dimension (w/o probe) 106mm X 55mm X 9.9mm

Go on-site maintenance (AC / DC switching power supply or inverter, elevator and building fire-fighting equipment, industrial control circuit).
Hardware maintenance or software debugging RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN and other communications interface circuits, LED display and keyboard scan driver circuit, brushless motor drive circuit.
Repair audio equipment and circuits, electronic toys and remote control model car electronic circuit.
School after-school teaching practice and student development of electronic small production.
Requires observing the slow signal changes applications (such as: relay and switch contacts jitter, battery charge and discharge curves, power supply load transient response characteristics of the temperature sensor measurements).
Supply the electronic circuit (SCR voltage regulator, power factor compensation, electronic energy-saving lamps, dysprosium lamp mercury lamp sodium lamp drive circuit xenon lights, etc.)

Package included:

1 x DS0201 Digital Oscilloscope 
1 x Probe
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual
1 x Flannel bag

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Mini DSO201 DS201 ARM Nano Pocket Portable Digital Oscilloscope

Mini DSO201 DS201 ARM Nano Pocket Portable Digital Oscilloscope