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UNO R3 Starter Kit met Servo LCD Compass Gyro Breadboard voor Arduino


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High quality kit for Arduino Beginners, with Uno R3 board. This Uno R3 board is a complete clone of Arduino Uno R3.
With some interesting electronic modules, you can gain interest from the learning process.
With some discrete components, like resistors, LEDs, buzzers,infrared receivers and so on.

Packing: Carton packaging

Package includes:

1 x Uno R3 board +1 x USB cable
1 x Uno R3 Extension baord + 1 x GPIO Extension Board + 1 x Connecting Cable
1 x Breadboard
1 x Mini Breadboard
10 x 3mm Red LEDs
10 x 3mm Green LEDs
10 x 3mm Yellow LEDs
1 x 5mm RGB LED
5 x Button
20 x (330 ohm + 1k ohm +10k ohm)resistor
1 x 1K potentiometer
1 x 10K potentiometer
1 x 2.54mm Elbow 40 Pin Header
1 x 2.54mm Straight 40 Pin Header
1 x 5516 LDR (Photoresistor)
2 x 1N4733 Zener Diode
2 x 1N4007 Rectifier Diode
1 x 100uF Capacitor
2 x 100nF Ceramic Capacitors
1 x 4N35 Optocoupler
1 x 9015 NPN Transistor
1 x IRF520 Power Transistor
1 x Ball switch
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Passive Buzzer
1 x MAX7219 chip
1 x 74HC595 8bit Shift Register
1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
1 x SS8050 NPN Transistor
1 x 1838 Infrared Receiver
1 x Infrared Sender
1 x Infrared Phototransistor
1 x Infrared Remote controller(Battery Not Included)
1 x Stepper Motor
1 x Servo motor
1 x 1602 LCD
1 x 1602 LCD I2C Module
1 x 1-Digit Eight-segment Display
1 x 4-Digit Eight-segment Display
1 x 8*8 Dot Matrix Led Display
1 x Stepper Motor Driver Board
1 x Sound Sensor Module
1 x PS2 Joystick module
1 x RTC module(Battery Not Included)
1 x Relay Module
65 x Jump Wires
10 x Female-Female Dupont wires
10 x Male-Female Dupont wires
1 x 9V Battery Holder(Battery not included)
1 x Ultrasonic Range Detector
1 x HMC5883L Electronic Compass
1 x MPU6050 Gyro&Accelerometer
1 x PIR Human Motion Sensor
1 x L298N Motor Driver
1 x DC Motor
1 x 4*4 Keypad


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UNO R3 Starter Kit met Servo LCD Compass Gyro Breadboard voor Arduino

UNO R3 Starter Kit met Servo LCD Compass Gyro Breadboard voor Arduino